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Meet Nichole

My fitness journey began in 2009, after my second pregnancy. At that point, I was in my mid-20s, carrying about 60 extra pounds, and had no clue about fitness or nutrition. Stepping into the gym for the first time felt like entering a foreign land; I was lost. Gradually, I moved from the elliptical to machines, building confidence. The discovery of strength training was a game-changer. With YouTube as my guide, I learned the ropes.As I shifted away from excessive cardio, the pounds started dropping. Nutrition was another puzzle; I began by cutting out obvious culprits like sugary drinks and my kids leftovers. Through a mix of self-taught strength training and intuitive eating, I lost 60 pounds in a year. That transformative year ignited my passion for fitness and nutrition, which has only grown in the past 13 years. There were ups and downs, including post-pregnancy weight gain with my 3rd baby in 2018, but I always came back stronger.At 37, I accomplished a goal I never thought possible, I competed in my first Bikini Bodybuilding competition, feeling the strongest, most confident, and fittest ever.

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